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Architecture, Interior and Landscape Photography



Whether you are trying to sell your home, rent or sell your clients property through an estate agency, showcase the opening of new or refurbished hotel rooms or intending to capture the general aesthetics of the interior an exterior of a beautiful building, Ice Photography realise the importance of clear high definition photos to really showcase your property. 


Other types of building we can photograph include leisure clubs, schools, offices, warehousing, public artworks and public buildings. If you’re thinking of renting your property or a space within a building then with a one-time investment in professional photographs it enables you to re-use them each time you wish to market that space.


We also offer an estate agent photography service where we can offer discounts on photographing multiple properties

Ice Photography’s aim is to take clear, marketable shots for the property industry that reflect each building and room to its best potential, regardless of size, location, price level or star rating.


All photographs are provided in high resolution and photos will be given to you on disc or via digital download to use however you choose…i.e on property websites, on wall displays at your office, in advertising brochures, in window displays, on flyers handed out at property viewings, on social media or for marketing/website purposes. For a one off fee you may use the photos however you wish for as long as you wish.


We are happy to provide an accurate no obligation quote based on your needs.


Please note: Ice Photography also offers bespoke Videography and editing services for use in any corporate or small business, a few suggestions as to how these videos can impact the way you do business are as follows: video property tours, testimonial feedback etc. 

The footage can be as long or as short as required and can be used on company websites, Rightmove, Zoopla, Travago, Hotel’s own websites, YouTube or other social media as well as being emailed to all staff or for a customer mail out for prospective buyers, renters or bookers etc… please do not hesitate to get in touch for further details.