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Entertainment / Promotional Shots & Videography


Ice Photography know the importance of having high quality clear shots that showcase your form of entertainment, your customers first impression of you will often be acquired from pictures they see of you through your advertising forum whether it be on a flyer, poster, advert in the paper or on the amazing World Wide Web / social media.

Customers want to see what they will be booking on the day and what they will be paying for. Our images of you are always creative, emotive and have impact. Pictures are the ideal aid to help you promote your professional talent and dazzling personality effectively to the public.

Whether you are a
dancer, singer, musician, magician, snake handler, face-painter or any other type of Entertainer within an endless list, Ice Photography's photos can help you to get bookings and make money whilst giving your customers a true reflection of what your talent is and what they can expect when hiring you - which is what it's all about.

Invest in yourself and have some decent shots to showcase your talent to the world!

Images can be taken at a location of your choice whether it be against a backdrop at your home or at your studio, shop or rehearsal space. We find natural shots are always great too and offer a different dynamic to images, the park is a great place to get some natural shots and works especially well for musicians etc.. to give an earthy feel to photos. Our photographers can happily attend a live event to get some real action shots of your craft so if you are a clown we'll get some images of you clowning around with all of your props and make up people can see what they are booking.

Your images can be used in a multitude of ways such as album covers, invites or business cards or for any other purpose. There is no restriction whatsoever in your usage of the images and for a one off initial fee you will be given a CD / USB so you can use the photos again and again however you wish.

Please get in contact to see how Ice Photography can showcase you through pictures.



Please Note: We will only work with under 18’s if a parent or guardian is present



Please note: Ice Photography also offers bespoke Videography and editing services for use in any entertainment portfolio, a few suggestions as to how these videos can impact the way you gain exposure are as follows: demonstration of your acting or singing skills to show to agencies, talent demonstrations, customer testimonial feedback, live event videos... The videos can be as long or as short as required and can be used on company websites, YouTube or other social media as well as being emailed to all prospective and existing customers etc. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further details.