Family Gatherings



Ice Photography realise that Family Gatherings are not as common as we’d like due to our busy schedules, hectic lives and in many cases living distances.


Celebrations are always a great chance to get some photographs of everyone together especially if you have family and friends travelling in from all the corners of the country it’s even more incentive to mark the occasion and remember it in photographs.


Whether it’s a Special Birthday, Engagement party, Anniversary Christening or other religious ceremony or special occasion, Ice Photography can help you capture and commemorate the event to ensure you have photographic records of everyone who attend to help make your occasion special.


We will ensure that we circulate throughout the day / evening to get as many photos of as many of your guests as we can. We understand that many people attending may be friends or family that you do not get to see from one year to the next so we will ensure that we focus our attention on getting as many images as we can to capture your event.


Of course if there are certain people attending your event that you would like us to focus on such as elderly relatives or guests from abroad etc. Ice Photography will ensure that we pay special attention to these VIP guests.


Please note: Ice Photography also offers bespoke Videography and editing services which can capture any family event or celebration. The footage can be as long or as short as required and a few suggestions as to how these videos can be used are as follows: digital guest books at events capturing messages from all guests, capturing the blowing out of the candles on a cakes, capturing planned proposals and speeches etc.. footage can be used to email out to guests afterward the event as a brief reminder of the evening, or put on YouTube or other social media. We also do offer a full daytime / evening recording which can be edited and placed onto disc after the event for a full filmed record of your event. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further details.

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