Jewellery Photography



Whether you are a large jewellery shop, a small jewellery business or an individual designer, Ice Photography will capture images of your Jewellery in any style that you wish. Whether your pieces are made of silver, gold, platinum, bronze or are instead made of glass beads or indeed costume jewellery, Ice Photography will capture the beauty of each material used in the style required by each designer / client.

Ice Photography looks for the unique features of each piece and use special lights to highlight and enhance each design in its most visually appealing aspect. We understand the importance of capturing the sparkle of the jewel, the smoothness of the metal and the unique intricate design of each piece. 


We will photograph your pieces in several variations to create a unique range of shots of your product(s) including its packaging if relevant.


Why not let Ice Photography capture your items through our high quality stylish images and entice your clients to purchase your designs for each special occasion or gift where they require jewellery.


All photographs are provided in standard 1024x1024 pixels at 72dpi for optimised web use (Unless otherwise stated/requested sized pixels).

Should you require an alternate version of your images re-sized for print use then this is also an available option. Please see Ice Photography's Price-list for information on this or please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote for your items.


The final exported photos will be given to you on a disc or via digital download to use however you choose…i.e  in advertising brochures, in magazines, in shop displays, on social media or for marketing/website purposes. For a one-off fee you may use the photos however you wish for as long as you wish.


We are happy to provide an accurate no obligation quote based on your needs.


Please note: Ice Photography also offers bespoke Videography and editing services for use in any corporate or small business, a few suggestions as to how these videos can impact the way you do business are as follows: product/promotional demonstrations, testimonial feedback, "how it’s made" videos, product launch videos etc…. The footage can be as long or as short as required and can be used on company websites, YouTube or other social media as well as being emailed to all staff or for a customer mail out etc. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further details.

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