Modeling, Headshots & Entertainers



Whether you are an aspiring actor, musician, model, magician or in the business of entertainment in general, you owe it to yourself to have great promotional headshots and an eye catching portfolio.


When you contact Ice Photography, we will discuss what you intend to use the shots for and form a plan for the day of the shoot. We will discuss clothing and location and on the day achieve a wide variation of shots to really portray the best version of you.


We aim to make the experience as enjoyable and relaxed as possible, ensuring that the end result is you receiving a disc of professional varied shots for use however you wish i.e: to send to agencies, to put up on social media or for marketing/website purposes.

For a one off fee you may use the photos however you wish for as long as you wish.


Please Note: We will only work with under 18’s if a parent or guardian is present.


Modelling Shots


Casting Shots


Entertainment / Promotional Shots