"  Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakend...."

Pets and animal photography



At Ice Photography our sole goal within our animal photography is to capture the special bond between you and your pet in the most relaxed and comfortable way possible.


No matter what kind of pet you own -a dog, a cat, a horse, a rabbit, a snake, a guinea pig, a parrot or indeed any other animal species Ice Photography are happy to provide you with a variety of images for you to remember forever.


Our photo sessions are all about having fun with your pets and capturing their unique personalities on camera. Shot on location in your home, in the garden, on a walk, at the park, in the woods or at a place special to you, Ice Photography will go anywhere your pet feels safe and secure to ensure they do not feel stressed or uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.

Please note: Ice Photography are also happy to travel to stables, fields, zoos and farms to capture any images of animals.



Our photographers will take the time to get to know your pet and help them to get used to our equipment, this enables the animal to relax and get comfortable with the camera and helps them to act naturally and convey their own unique character to the camera.


Ice Photography will always place your Pets welfare ahead of capturing a good photograph, sometimes it may help to have your pets’ favourite toys or treats to hand to help them to relax however we can discuss this on the day. There is no need to worry if your dog needs to keep a lead on we can still achieve lovely shots that you’ll cherish.


Whatever the breed, age or size of your pet and whether it is furry, feathery or scaly, Ice Photography can help you to capture clear and professional images of your pet.


All photographs are provided in high resolution and photos will be given to you on disc or via digital download to use however you choose…i.e to be printed onto canvas, to be placed on personalised calanders or greetings cards, for advertising in brochures, on social media or for marketing/website purposes. For a one off fee you may use the photos however you wish for as long as you wish. 


We are happy to provide an accurate no obligation quote based on your needs.


Please note: For animal businesses such as Veterinary surgeries, Zoos, Farms or Animal rescue shelters etc.., Ice Photography also offers bespoke Videography and editing services, which can capture High definition footage of the special relationship of the animals within your care. The footage can be as long or as short as required and can be used however you wish, ie: for webiste and marketing purposes as well as social media. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further details.

Dog shoots


  • A one-hour outdoor shoot with one dog costs from just £125. 

  • Additional pets are charged at an extra discounted rate per animal - (Please contact us for an accurate quote).

  • You will receive a Disc with 20 – 40 images saved in high resolution quality.

  • Your images will be sent back to you via Recorded delivery or hand delivery
    and will arrive within a week after shoot.


  • Full payment must be paid either before or on the day of shoot. 




Please contact us to obtain a price for any other type of Pet
Some customers have unusual pets that they want to have photographed...Why not give us a call so that we can discuss your needs?!