Photo Restorations



We believe that you should never throw away your old damaged family photos without consulting with us first!
In many cases we can digitally repair most types of damage caused in old photos and restore your photos back to their original condition.


Not only will we fix or re-create any damage to your photos (where needed/possible), but we will also give the whole photographic image a general overhaul with our various digital techniques. 
Image sharpening, colour balancing, scratch removal & contrast are among just some of the techniques that will be used to adjust, repair and improve the overall quality of the photograph back to it's restored glory.

See pricing and examples of our restoration work below:


Click HERE for other examples!

Photo restoration pricing

Every photo restoration is different and your photo must be assessed prior to determine the cost to restore it. Images with multiple elements of damage will need more work than others and therefore be priced at a higher bracket.
No work will be carried out without discussing the restoration with you first.

All pricing below is for a digital restorations service only. Prints can be purchased for an additional fee see here.

Optional high-quality lab reprints are available, with prices starting at just £1 plus postage & packing.

Level 1


  • Simple fade corrections

  • Contrast adjustments

  • Simple dust and scratch removal

  • Sharpening

  • Cropping

Level 2




Same as Level 1 but Includes:


  • Minor Fading

  • Minor Discolouration

  • Light mould or damage

  • Some hair-line fissures and cracks

Level 3


From £20.00


Same as Level 1 & 2 but Includes:


  • Deep scratch marks / Multiple paper wrinkles / Fold and Tears

  • Small-medium facial area corrections

  • Moderate-medium mould damage / Medium fading

  • Small areas missing or damaged

  • Small areas of face or body missing

  • Some rebuilding and item removing

Level 4


From £45.00


Same as Level 1 & 2 but Includes:


  • Larger areas missing or damaged

  • Large facial area corrections

  • Larger areas of face or body missing

  • Heavy mould damage

  • Major rebuilding and object removing

  • Significant folds or tears

  • Heavy fading

Additional  Fees

Printing Costs

Re-prints of your photos do not come included within the restoration prices above and are an additional fee should you choose to have re-prints of your items through us. Should you wish to order new prints of your restoration, please specify Semi-Matt or Gloss finish when ordering.

Print time scales: 

Your photos are posted to you around 4-7 working days from the time you have paid for your order.

All print dimensions are in labelled in inches (").

Other sizes and prices are available on request. Please get in touch for a no obligational quote

  6 X 4"


  7 X 5"


  8 X 6"


 10 X 8"


 12 X 8"



 16 X 12"


 12 X 10"

Print Sizes.jpg

UP TO 8x6"


UP TO 12x8"


UP TO 12x16"


UP TO  30x20"


Postage & Packaging

Below are the fees for postage of your original items as well as re-prints to be sent back to you. All items will be sent securely and safely and will require a signature upon delivery. 

Prices are for UK P&P only. If outside of the UK please contact us first for a quote on shipping.

Scanning Fee?

Most companies we have seen online seem to charge a scanning fee as an additional service. 

However, we believe that this is a main factor of the job when restoring your photographs. There can be no restoration service without scanning the document first and due to this, there will be no additional charges for scanning your photographs. 


Payment Methods

We accept payments via secure online payments such as PayPal, or by bank transfer.

We also accept cash payments in person when collection of original photos (and if re-prints have been confirmed in advance).
Unfortunately, we do not accept payments made by cheque as this is not a secure method for us. 

Please note: Print orders will not be processed until payment has been received first.

Payments via PayPal

UK and international customers can pay using the PayPal secure payment platform.

PayPal is one of the world’s leading and most secure online payment platforms and is very simple to use. We can arrange to send you a PayPal invoice after confirmation of your restoration booking has been agreed.

Bank Transfer

If you bank online, you may wish to pay by bank transfer. Bank details are available on request. Please allow time for payment to clear before any restoration work is carried out.
Your order will be processed once the transfer has been completed and funds are cleared.

Other Examples


Restoration Blog


Heavy Restoration (Unsuspected)


At first glance I thought that this restoration wouldn't take too long but in actual fact, this restoration had surprisingly more work needed to repair it than first expected. 


The image when it was given to me had been kept inside a frame with no glass to protect it so everyday elements such as dust, dirt & grease had covered a damaging glaze over the gloss finish of the photograph. It was only upon cleaning the image and closer inspection (before scanning) that the real damage of the photograph began to show through (see side by side comparison of just a small section of the repair work needed - There was a lot of scuffs to repair).

Also due to the conditions it was kept in, the gloss film of the photograph had become weak had started to wear away from the photo itself due to the weathering elements mentioned above. 

This photograph required heavy cloning and patch tool work as well colour correction/balancing, contrast, sharpening and adjustment/layer work.



Work Shown Eileen_edited.png

Heavy Restoration - Water Damage

This particular photograph was torn into 3 pieces and elements of the photo remained attached to the glass of the frame due to damp conditions, water damage and even sellotape had bee used to try and repair it prior to me being given it.
Careful cleaning and scanning was needed in order to piece this photo back together and whole sections had to be recreated virtually from scratch. It was not an easy task and took a very long time to repair.